003. Doni Goodman

- Doni "Ghost” Goodman - 

Born in Los Angeles, CA, Doni first started soaking up the Southern California
sun on a Honda CX 500. After moving to the East village, New York, with no bike
and working with me in advertising, we desperately needed
an escape from the city.

 Deciding a two-wheel adventure to Sleepy Hollow was needed for a mental reset, 
Doni was forced in to renting a Harley for the day. Didn’t take long
before his love for the road and riding was rediscovered and
the seed planted.

 So then began the first official Los Pepes bike search marathon, consisting 
of hours on Craigslist searching for the perfect fit. Soon thereafter,
Doni’s 2014 Yamaha Bolt was found.

 We traveled upstate to pick the bike up and started shooting 
Doni as the first Los Pepes Rider.  From adventures though the
NJ Palisades to repeat hour+ Sleepy Hollows haircut runs, we quickly
forged what could only be defined as a Los Pepes friendship.

In our quest to discover new motorcycle shops, cafe’s and events
in the trip-state area, it didn’t take long before our paths crossed
with this guy from North Carolina.