004. Nick Partin

- Nick B. Partin -

Originally born in North Carolina, Nick found his way to the catwalks
of Broadway as a production specialist in the theater. 
Little did Jaime know when he woke up one faithful morning in
The East Village that today would be the day Nick asked
the guy on duty, at Works Engineering on Clifford St.,
for a quote on a used XR1200.  Typically this would be relatively
normal, however, this same employee just happened to be
2.3k of 3k questions deep in a classic Jaime full court press…
inquiring about every item in the shops product lineup. 


As fate would have it, Nick and Jaime wound up leaving
the shop at the same time and talked on the sidewalk for
about an hour.  Once the bond was forged, it was time to
tour every known motorcycle shop in NY’s Brooklyn borough
finishing at Union Garage on Union St.


From that moment on, Nick, Doni & Jaime joined forces
and introduced every motorcycle event, shop and organized
community ride to the Los Pepes brand.  At the end of one of
those days, the LP trio was finishing dinner in Manhattan
and a fortuitous idea happened to be served up for dessert. 
The next morning, they reached out to their first brand partner,
Grifter, and offered photography to be used for social media
content in exchange for an official partnership.  That day was
the first day of the new Los Pepes.


Since then, Nick has branched out to launch Gotham Speed Shop
but we all know, at the end of the day, still bleeds LP blood.


What the crew did not yet know, is that somewhere in the city
there was a little Indian boy about to turn into a tiger.