005. Stephen "Tiger" Minasvand


- Stephen Minasvand -

Today was a day, like any other, where we find Jaime drowning in work when he gets a call. Upon picking up the phone, he’s told by his boss Stephen, “I need you in my office now”. No pleasantries exchanged, no goodbye, nothing more than an urgent relay of information before hanging up the phone… something must be up. Fearing the worst, Jaime rushes to Stephens office and bursts in the door halfway expecting an emergency of some kind though he could have never guessed just how pressing the matter actually was.  “I need one of these”, Stephen says while pointing at his computer monitor currently displaying the “Our Builds” page of Deus Ex Machina’s website.  No doubt, there are some gorgeous bikes on that site but none more so than the BMW R80 completely restored being pointed at by Stephen while he repeats “ I NEED IT!”.

After catching his breath, Jaime asks the logical question, “do you even ride?”.  Stephen responds, “I do, but don’t currently have a license”.  In that instant, Jaime’s pupils dilate, his pulse quickens and the heavens seem to cast down a hallow of light… in his place of work, he’s finally found someone to sell the motorcycle lifestyle to. Fast forward a few months, and with the ease only an American can experience, Stephen has his motorcycle license.  Once legal, he found his Ducati Scrambler in an unknown concrete structure deep in Long Island and finally joined the crew.

From then on, Stephen didn’t rest in his pursuit to style the bike out while barely riding as this story takes place in an unforgiving city that insists on being covered in rain and snow far too often. 
In the end, the Chop Shop wound up doing most the heavy lifting under his direction.  The result, a completely murdered out transformation in barely a few weeks time.

Once the weather clears and the crew hits the road, they experience an incredible summer of riding.  One September, as the summer sun continues to shine, Stephen tricks his local coffee shop in to letting the crew sell Los Pepes T-Shirts in their cafe.  On the 26th day of September, 2016, during the Gentleman’s Ride, thanks to Stephen, the very first Los Pepes tee is sold to a stranger at Rtisan Coffee Project in Manhattan’s Financial District. 

Only one winter after, Jaime and his family decide to pack up and move out west to Los Angeles.  The idea of creating a new crew filled with actors did not sound appealing whatsoever.  Little did he know though, the first person he’d meet at a random little motorcycle shop was there to change his mind.