006. Judah McFadden

- Judah McFadden -

On an overcast April day in 2017, there was a vivid black Dyna silently standing in the middle of Erick Schwartzkopf’s shop on Lincoln Boulevard in Venice, CA.  Simultaneously, sitting on the couch, was a young well-put-together gentleman being walked through the Fat Book by store owner Erick. 
From the outside looking in, it appeared that this handsome rider had just been in a minor accident… and we all know, like a phoenix rising form the ashes, bike upgrades are always best done after accidental damage.
“I wouldn’t do that”, a voice whispers into the young gentleman’s ear, while Erick walks away to retrieve another wholesalers’ book.  Though slightly twitching his head towards the voice, his gaze remains on task.  Again the voice whispers to him but this time with more force, “don’t do it!”.  Finally, turning around he responds, “what!?”.

In proper order of importance, Jaime had completely changed the trajectory this strangers bike rebuild before even introducing himself.  After approving the new vision and then intruding themselves, Judah and Jaime walk out of the shop together and proceed to pleasantries.  To Jaime’s disappointment, that conversation included Judah’s dream of being the “A” word… actor.

From there, the relationship was forged through many rides together, most of which were centered around shooting Judah on his beautifully rebuilt Dyna, dreaming of a role in the new season of Sons of Anarchy.  As hard as it was for Jaime to admit, late one night while editing photo’s of Judah and his bike, he was jealous… which didn’t last long as weeks later there was a truck bound for LA, from Milwakee, carrying Jaime’s new Low Rider S.

On a night like any other, Judah and Jaime were looking for some trouble to get in to.  Lucky Wheels in DTLA was hosting one of their crazy Chicken Shit Bingo events so the boys decided to swing through and check it out.  Once there, it was clear they were a little out of their comfort zone.  On their way out, while chatting and admiring their Dynas, a small person with the angelic face of a model and the voice of a cuban Kevin Hart completely intruded and commandeered the conversation.  I guess, however, that’s a story for another Thursday…