008. Ash "Aquaman" Mostadim

- Ash Mostadim -

Our story today begins on a sunny Memorial Day weekend in 2018.  The newly formed LP LA brotherhood was out on a long holiday weekend ride.  Sunshine, cool breeze and a couple fluffy clouds dotted the sky.  Even with the picturesque scenery that is Angeles Crest, Jaime couldn’t help but notice the tall handsome gentleman sporting an oxford cut button up and black leather vest who was quietly observing from afar, Rio’s every interaction and movement.


Throughout the day, Ash kept talking about an important stop he had to make once they finished up.  Towards the end of the ride, Jaime asked what everyones plans were for the rest of the day and both Ash & Rio said they were going to visit Ash’s mom… and immediately asked Jaime if he would like to join them.  “Thank you so much for the invitation but I don’t want to intrude on time with your family”, Jaime said.  Immediately Ash explained that his mom had passed away a while back and they were going to visit her in the cemetery.  The fact that Ash was so open and willing to share such a deep and emotional experience with Jaime, on basically the first day they met, showed the warmth and openness of Ash’s heart. 


From that moment on, Ash has been bringing his peaceful attitude and loving disposition to every ride he attends.  Sidekicks have always been under appreciated… where would batman be without Robin saving his ass?  Where would Sherlock be without Watson’s doctorate or Han Solo without Chewbacca’s piloting abilities?  Possibly misunderstood, but never forgotten, Ash is Rio’s counterpart in the universe… though it’s tough to say which is the lead roll and/or sidekick.   Right now at this very moment, somewhere in a Hollywood electronic repair shop (where he repairs all the crew’s broken phones and laptops), Ash is letting out a classic “Brooooooo (followed by vague statement + huge grin and wide eyes)” while he texts his faithful Ducati riding BF, Davood, who’s equality as kind and friendly.  Ash is our emotional anchor and we love him… almost as much as he loves Mary J. 


Like any dynamic group of friends / brothers / crew there can’t be only big hearts… they also need, The Muscle!