009. Chris "Muscle" Lupercio

- Chris Lupercio -

It hasn’t always been candy canes and lollypops at Los Pepes.  Once upon a time, we called ourselves LP MC  which stood for Los Pepes Motorcycle Company. 

A majority of us had no friends or family members associated with a real motorcycle club, and weren’t aware of the long standing tradition and protocols associated with the abbreviation “MC” within the motorcycle culture.  Little did we know that while a majority of us thought it was ok to fudge the line a bit, the respected and proud MC’s of Los Angeles were starting to take notice of a small but growing group of riders calling themselves an, “MC”.  

Thankfully, a couple members of recognized clubs started to warn us of the attention we were getting.  Initially, the crew thought it would blow over and was just a matter of time before everyone realized that we’re harmless and just out to have a little fun and do what we can for the motorcycle community here in LA.  We proceeded to finish one of our first batches of branded tees just before the Glendale Harley Block Party but our eyes were opened when we received notice, by way of warning, that a couple big LA Clubs were watching to ensure we didn’t sell anything branded with the letters, “MC”.  

From the very first day that LP West Coast was launched, there was a quiet and observant guy with stern gestures and, at the time, great connections to respected members of one LA’s biggest MC’s.  After a couple calls, Chris single handedly got the green light for the crew to sell their product without any fear of repercussion.  

Unfortunately, just weeks after LP West Coast launched, we lost Chris for almost a year due to a motorcycle accident.  That said, Chris “The Muscle” Lupercio is back and better than ever!  Currently tweaking his brand new Low Rider with all the proper accoutrement so no matter whether you know him as The Chief, The Muscle, Blackaucho or the King of Chrome... Chris is here to stay!

Every good Yin needs a Yang, to bring balance, and Chris’s is one of the best we know.  A total softy with a huge heart and million dollar smile that would quickly conquer all our hearts… even if you don’t want him to.