010. Mark Pineda

- Mark Pineda -

For today, our story picks up at Golden Road Brewing Co. in Glendale, CA where the newly found crew of just a few is meeting to discuss future plans… first and foremost, the name Los Pepes.  Little did we know, however, that this meeting would not only shape the branding identity of LP but also introduce to us the single most impactful personality, and smile, in what you now know as Los Pepes. 

Just weeks after our young crew started terrorizing the streets of LA, the LP Instagram was hit every morning by a not so “skinny” character twerking, dabbing, kiki’ing and lean backing in what seemed to be a locker room.  There is no better sentence than the above to define the character that is Mark.  His wide grin, huge heart and nimble moves have positively impacted everyone in the crew… there is not a member more loved.  As Mark would say, “when in doubt, dance it out”.

 Since day one, Mark has kept it interesting with terrible ideas for graphic tees and very high, but inclusive, standards as to how our “open” group has been perceived.  Quite simply, he is the glue that binds us all as friends and keeps us in touch with our Dyna roots.

 After careful observation, Mark felt it necessary to lead his own ride, once a month, with a selected group of aggressive riders through the canyons while pushing the limits of the bike.  The “Cash me if you can” ride was a huge success and a monthly favorite.  A chance to tear up some asphalt and clock some miles.  Sadly, however, before Mark was able to finish the final round he got in an accident that’s kept him off the bike for a few months.  Though the injury is serious, the crew got the doctors approval to start dragging Mark to dinners, events and other LP functions so expect to see his big grin out & about soon.

 Mark reminds us all to ride fast, which is an LP mantra.  What you didn’t know tho, is that inherited in LP's DNA riding fast is only as important as... Riding... Clean…