011. Roberto Valderrama

-Roberto Valderrama-

It has been said that, “cleanliness is next to godliness” and we at Los Pepes have really taken that sentiment to heart.  Whether it be the aesthetic of our photography, clothing design, the way we compete but absolute most importantly… the state of our bikes.  

First and foremost, Señor Roberto Valderrama created himself, then he created Live Boundless, then Ride Boundless and finally Lift Boundless, Eat Boundless, Laugh Boundless and Fornicate Boundless.  From such humble beginnings, Ride Clean was born.  Even more than an expression of how much Roberto likes all things Boundless, it’s proven to be the best product currently on the market to clean, condition and protect any automotive and/or motorcycle related surfaces.  

Leaving business aside… PSYCHE… Roberto is an all day err day entrepreneurial minded business juggernaut.  From his humble comedian beginnings (which he molded in to a business as well) to the cumulative knowledge of a 300 year old aristocrat, Roberto’s life IS business and business is gooood.    

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when Robert joined Los Pepes as he comes and goes frequently but always picks up where he left off.  The only thing we know for certain, however, is there’s no denying his humor and home BBQ’s feel to have been part of our history since day one.  If laughter were a currency, “VALDERRRAMAAAAH” would be richer than a cuban cartel boss. 

Robert helped champion our newest initiative, Los Pepes Adventure, from the very beginning and was the very first crew member to ditch his Dyna and transition to bigger and better motorcycle frontiers.  As a result of that fateful decision, Robert is a regular staple on our weekly Adventure Day Rides and is living proof of what to do while out blazing new trails… but more often than not, exactly what NOT to do. 

And from here, you could say there was a line drawn in the westside sand.  Marking the LP evolution from a crew of guys who loved riding together, to what happened after.  One may even call it super natural, psychedelic or even… extraterrestrial.  Nevertheless, a tale for a different day.