007. Daniel del Rio

- Daniel del Rio -

On a night filled with bingo numbers and chicken shit at Lucky Wheels in DTLA, Jaime and Judah were busy discussing the endless possibilities that were modifications and upgrades to their Dynas when they were interrupted by a handsome, kinda mini, gentleman with a million dollar smile.  “Those are nice Dynas, boys”, the voice said with sincere confidents.  After some confusion, it became clear that this voice belonged to Rio who was giving Jaime and Judah’s bikes the once over with his friend Ben.  Both Rio and Ben were also on Dynas but Rio and Jaime bonded over the fact that their bikes were fresh from the Harley Davidson floor… aka “stock”.  The possibilities literally endless.
After talking, bonding and critiquing upgrade options, the four gentleman exchanged numbers and vowed to ride together soon.  Like time does in sunny California, days turned in to weeks as seasons transition from winter to spring.  As if being rejuvenated from hibernation, Jaime received a fateful text on the 27th day of May, 2018 reading “Jaime, this is Rio.  I’m organized a Memorial Day Ride for tomorrow.  8am at Melrose Moto.  Hope you can make it”.  Though filled with hope, Jaime could never have known then, that that day was the first day of the rest of his life.
The Memorial Day ride was a huge success.  Over 15 riders, perfect weather and a lot of fun.  As is customary, bread was broken at Dukes on the PCH in Malibu over which Jaime explained to Rio how the LP NYC crew had approached collaborations with brands in the past… exchanging photography for discounts and/or pre-releases.  Before Jaime could even get a fully formed sentence out, Rio jumped-up and yelled, “This is a done deal bro!  You have the brand, I have the people!  Let’s get a crew branded and make this official!”.  After about a week of deliberation, the newly formed tandem saw opportunity when approaching discounted products and other wholesale arrangements and agreed to loop in a group of about 10 guys and officially form Los Pepes west coasts crew.
Since that day, Rio has been the face, literally, of Los Pepes for every product release and event we have participated in.  Some may even say that Rio is Jaime’s official muse, always inspiring him to further define the perfect lifestyle aesthetic.  Even pulled away to Miami for about 10 months, Rio stayed intimately involved in daily operations and goings-on amongst the crew.  All that said, he’s now home where he belongs in Los Pepes Los Angles HQ.
Though very focused on his newly found friendship with Rio, there was one guy lurking in the crowd, during the rides, catching Jaime’s attention.  Not because of his loud personality but instead, his calm spirit and clear loyalty towards anything Rio would say.