LG/01 San Diego

We were finally able to lock down a date when some of the crew could escape LA for an overnighter.  Amazing trip down and Saturday evening in SD.  Shit got a little hectic on the way home... well actually, kind of a lot hectic.  Our boy Ash and his Lowrider S are still warming back up 4 days later.


LP Journal Notes


Saturday Feb|9th

7.00.   We wake up with a tropical rain over Los Angeles. We go back to sleep.

8.17.   We call each other again, still raining but lightly.

9.35.   Most of us are already in Bartels warming up for the ride.

9.54.   Ash, Rio, Colin, Kaicy, Jaime and Milo take off down the PCH towards Long Beach passing through Palos Verdes.

11:48.  Get to James Republic Restaurant, Long Beach. It’s breakfast time. Great benedict fried chicken.

13.05.  We leave James Republic and head south all the way south to San Clemente. Kaicy splits off to work.  Boo!

14.25.  The crew stops at Capistrano beach to take some pics.

14.35.  Colin learns that two vehicles can’t be in the same spot at the same time.

14.36.  We all worry about him for a minute but he is fine.

14.45.  We call local HD dealerships and have them hold the broken part Colin needs.  Crew divides.

15.00.  Rio, Ash and Milo meet up with Nate and ride down to San Diego while Colin and Jaime attend family function.

18.00.  Rio, Ash, Milo and Nate make it to Corona Harley Davidson and get the part.

18.24.  They check-in at the Gaslamp Quarter Hilton.

19.05.  Colin and Jaime leave the baby shower.

19.58.  They make it to the hotel where the rest of the crew are waiting.

20.45.  Nate’s brother in law joins us and we go out wondering for a restaurant.

21.15.  We order burgers at Union kitchen and Tap.

22.00.  CVS crew photos.

22.47.  We find a karaoke bar, Werewolf.

22.48.  We ride bird scooters. 2 guys/per.

23.05.  “Dick in a box” is impeccably performed & repeated pretty much nonstop rest of trip.

23.25.  Maroon 5 on stage.

23.56.  Get in bed.  Jaime snores, then Colin snores louder FTW (his only victory all day).


Sunday Feb|10th

9:30.    The crew meets up at the hotel garage to start the journey back.

9.50.    We ride to Coronado island.

10.20. Drone takes off. DJI makes clear who is in charge. Drone lands by itself because the whole island is drone free (army land)

10.35.  We cross back.

11.03.  We get to La Jolla, where Ash had never been. “Brooooo, this is amaaaaazing.”

11.35.  “It’s raining a little bit, let’s go to San Clemente”.

11.45.  It’s raining a little more than a litte bit.

11.57. Now we are dry. “it seems like it’s not gonna rain for a while now”.

13.04.  We stop to get donuts at Surfing Donuts. San Clemente.

13.25.  We get to The Grill for lunch, with the most the donuts remaining.

14.40.  “If we leave now it’s gonna pour on us. We should go to the outlets and wait until 4pm”

14.55.  We get to the outlets.

15.15.  “Looks like it’s not gonna rain for a while, should we go take some pics?

15.38. We get to Dana Point. Shoot some drone video.

16.10.  It’s raining. “Should we go back to the outlets or fuck it and we ride north?”

16.11.  We ride north.

16.25.  Starts to rain a little harder.

16.28.  Ash is pooping his pants with fear but we don’t know because he is the only one without a Sena to talk to us.

16.35.  Monsoon style tropical rain and Jaime has no gas.

16.45.  We get to the gas station. Like out of the pool, we are soaked in water. But we have gas.

16.59.  It looks like the rain has calmed down so we continue.

17.25.  Winter is coming. Starts getting really cold, but only lightly raining.

17.26.  “Hey Rio, 405 or PCH?”

17.27.  “PCH”

17.28.  We head back to PCH. Nate continues to the 405 towards his warm home.

17.55.  We can’t handle the cold so we stop at Starbucks to warm up.

17.20.  We hug goodbye and break-off our separate ways to each of our homes.

18.00.  Text check in for safety along with a few “Dick in a box” memories.


 Yes, SoCal winters are mild but 50 degrees, soaking wet, going 70mph gets a little nippy.

On a side note, we’ve got to say, our Concept #1 jackets held up well.  Certainly not water proof but they kept us dry longer than we expected.  In addition, our Shoei helmets and Sena bluetooth set-ups were lifesaving.  Highly recommended!

Viva Southern California.