LG/02 New York City



    Los Angeles might be the current day to day face of Los Pepes Co., but not too long ago, Los Pepes called New York City home. Founded by the love of feeling like a bird splitting between unbearable lanes of traffic and the joy of getting together for Bike Nights- like the one Spiegel hosts every Tuesday- Los Pepes grew to become rather well known within the NYC motorcycle community.

    Today’s story is about the reunion between LP and the city that started it all. This was only possible with the help of Eagle Rider, who put Jaime and Colin on two wheels for their first #go48 experience.


      Saturday - The First Contact

      Day 1 #go48 no.1

      The first ride on our brand new (or brand new to us, anyway) Road Kings took us to Nick’s apt., where we saw how far the LP community has grown. Yes, Nick may still be confused about the name of the crew, but all we chose to see was the DNA of Los Pepes flowing through a group that once was only three and is currently about ten riders. As the day passed, it continually brought flashbacks of the original four (Jaime, Doni, Nick and Stephan) as they headed out together to the annual Indian Larry Block Party and rode across countless bridges.



        Sunday - The Rideout

        Day 2 #go48 no.1

        Day trip with the guys to Sleepy Hollow, NY and finished it off with the classic loop around the city, with a mandatory stop at Union Garage in Brooklyn. Perfect day with the crew, exchanging conversation from the best and worst highlights of the last two years apart. Note: It wasn’t until we felt like we were going in slow motion with our east coast crew, that we realized how fast we ride on the west coast.




          Monday - Landmarks + Work

          Day 1 #go48 no.2

          Monday’s traffic wouldn’t stop us riding through the most well known landmarks to take some photos of our Road Kings. We then parked the bikes and did a walk through memory lane, as we had both called SoHo home at some point during our time in NYC.  After attending a few meetings, we finished the day with Bike Night at ‘The Breakers’ in Brooklyn and a warm bowl of ramen.

            Tuesday - The Close up

            Day 2 #go48 no.2

            The trip came to an end, but not before the NYC crew got their brand new package of Los Pepes clothing. We finished off the day with a quick stop in Red Hook to take a last look of the city, that once was the first home of Los Pepes. 

            Jaime and Colin returned their Road Glides to Eagle Rider, and on their way to the airport, they realized that whether it’s LA, NY or any other city - the truth is that home is where the ride is.

            Thanks to Eagle Rider for making NYC our home again.