Los Pepes x RideClean

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Under no circumstances, will a Los Pepe ever be caught riding dirty.  You don’t need to go through the hassle of covering your air filter with a shower cap any longer while you hose her down and struggle to wipe dry with 4 micro-fiber clothes.  With one application of this ultra premium polish & sealer your bike will be protected from dirt, road grim, bird dropping or passenger drool the road can throw your way.  

Ride Clean x Los Pepes is a one-stop cleaning shop for your bike.  Perfect for all metal frame/bike components, rubber, plastics and leathers, this product provides additional protection, improves coating performance & image depth and reduces cleaning and maintenance for every subsequent application.  Ensuring your bike looks it’s best without a time consuming and costly professional detail job.



  • Natural Formulation
  • The More Frequently Applied, The Thicker The Protective Coating
  • Helps Repel Water Easily
  • One Application, Lasts Up To 1 Month